19 January 2011

REVLON: 21 Silver Fox Eye Shadow Palette

this palette usually retails for $12.99CAD, but i got it at a sale for $3.00CAD. it's not something i would normally purchase, but for three bucks, i thought i'd try it out. and if any one else is thinking the same thing, don't bother, save your money! the pigments are weak, and rubs off by just one dry kleenex wipe. so i guess the only good thing about it, is that it is extremely easy to remove. really puzzles me as to how they could label this under: ColorStay 12 Hour Eye Shadow.

out of the four colours, the purple has the best quality and the white has the worst. i don't usually prime my eyes, but if you really want to make these work, you'll need a really good primer! then it'd be a good idea to set it by spraying some face mist on a brush and lightly tab it over your lids.

IMO, compared to the ELF Eye Shadow palettes for $3.00USD, i prefer ELF.

1 comment:

  1. pretty palette buy i would never know how to use the mint color