19 January 2011

REVLON: 21 Silver Fox Eye Shadow Palette

this palette usually retails for $12.99CAD, but i got it at a sale for $3.00CAD. it's not something i would normally purchase, but for three bucks, i thought i'd try it out. and if any one else is thinking the same thing, don't bother, save your money! the pigments are weak, and rubs off by just one dry kleenex wipe. so i guess the only good thing about it, is that it is extremely easy to remove. really puzzles me as to how they could label this under: ColorStay 12 Hour Eye Shadow.

out of the four colours, the purple has the best quality and the white has the worst. i don't usually prime my eyes, but if you really want to make these work, you'll need a really good primer! then it'd be a good idea to set it by spraying some face mist on a brush and lightly tab it over your lids.

IMO, compared to the ELF Eye Shadow palettes for $3.00USD, i prefer ELF.

16 January 2011

brown on brown with more brown.

is there such a thing as, too much brown?

09 January 2011

SHISEIDO: Allantoin Hand Cream

this is my most most MOST favourite hand cream by shiseido. this is also one of my most favourite products to use in the winter. the cold dry air and low temperatures really takes a toll on my skin. which i'm sure most can relate. :( it's pink with orange beads, and scent-free. it has a medium-thick consistency that absorbs very quickly. its japanese all ove, so i had to google for the description:
It contains rich Vitamin and moisture ingredients which can improve coarse and aging phenomena of your hands. The particularly added super elastic factors make your hands bright and elastic. The fresh characteristic make the cream easily be absorbed. New carbamide factor can strengthen blood circulation on the surface of skin and prevent season check. The orange moistening granules provide much protection for you.

the same cream comes in a much lighter, liquidly form; and the package is white. it's not as nourishing as this one, so it's really good on hot humid days - super refreshing! which, yup, you guessed it, is one of my most favourite summer products.

this is the larger size of 100g. i got this from a beauty store in japan for 300-4ooYEN, and it sells here for about $12CAD. the small size comes in a tube of 40g that sells for $5CAD. i usually prefer the tube, just because i find it more hygienic rather than dipping my fingers in the tub. but that's just me. :)